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SensorTack® - the ORIGINAL

When it comes to re-using camera-based driver assistance systems or rain and light sensors, opt for sensor gels and pads.
Only in SensorTack® you will find the expertise of the market leader PMA/TOOLS with 30 years of experience in automotive glass.

The result: highest reliability for you and your customers!

Proven quality
Restoration of the permanent functionality of sensors and cameras

Patented formula
No oiling or loss of liquids on the windscreen

Constant material properties
Resistant surface, highly elastic

Minimal costs
Re-use of the old sensor saves buying a new one

...our SensorTack® Finder has the right solution for every vehicle model:

SensorTack® Ready+

For immediate use
Ready-made sensor and camera pads for immediate use.
Low amount of work involved, therefore ideal when saving time is as important as high quality and safety.

  • Practically complaint-free
  • Patented formula: no oiling, no yellowing
  • Highly elastic, resistant surface
  • Bubble-free application

SensorTack® 1

2-component gel for round sensors
Profit from constant material properties between -40° C and +180° C with maximum form stability.

  • Cost-effective re-use of the sensor
  • Easy handling
  • Universal use
  • TÜV certified

SensorTack® 2

2-component gel for square-type sensors
Constant material properties between -40° C and +180° C provide best results. In combination with our unique refill moulds the gel can be used comfortably.

  • Cost-effective re-use of the sensor
  • Easy handling
  • Universal use
  • TÜV certified

SensorTack® Ready+ Plus

The unique combination
First fill raised features with SensorTack® 1 gel then apply SensorTack® Ready+ pad - done! Unites the advantages of our proven SensorTack® 1 gel with the properties of our SensorTack® Ready+ pads - for a correct functioning of the sensors after windscreen replacement.

  • For sensors with raised features
  • Fast replacement
  • Translucent

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